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Personal Style


Aug 7, 2013 Style , , , , 0 Comments

I know so many women with bulging closets and still nothing to wear.  We have all heard of the 20/80 rule; where you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.  I think, we ladies are too spoilt for choice, with all the inexpensive high street retailers around and we are getting into debt because of [...]

eBay for Everyday


Oct 8, 2010 Frugality , , , , 2 Comments

Ages ago, I wrote the post eBay I Love you! and would you believe, the love is still going strong.  Most people think about eBay when they are looking for something special, like a specific antique plate that you need to replace or something second hand that you don’t want to pay full price.  I [...]

Summertime Debt Free Time


Jun 23, 2010 Debt , , , 0 Comments

I think the summer is the best time to start a plan to get your finances in order.  Why summer and not in January when most people make resolutions? In the summer with all the sunshine things seem a bit better, more hopeful even, so what better time to sit down and take a long [...]

Work Those Sales


Dec 27, 2009 Shopping , , 1 Comment

Well, we have gotten through Christmas with full bellies, we are looking hopefully at 2010 but before we pop the Champagne cork, most of us will be pulled into visiting the After Christmas Sales. I personally don’t like shopping in the sales.  I hate the sense of urgency to make a money decision. I am [...]