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Personal Style

Nancy Cunard wearing bangle bracelets

I know so many women with bulging closets and still nothing to wear.  We have all heard of the 20/80 rule; where you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.  I think, we ladies are too spoilt for choice, with all the inexpensive high street retailers around and we are getting into debt because of it.  It is so easy to wander into Primark or H&M and buy a silver sparkly dress when you are usually in sombre black and it is so easy to justify since it was only £25/$45.

What happened to personal style?  I want a wardrobe that complements me not that overpowers me.  I want statement pieces. I want to look like me not five different people in a week.

Tips on finding your personal style –

• Go through your wardrobe and pullout the garment that makes you feel amazing when you wear it.  What is so special about it? The cut?  The colour? The neckline?   Do you feel like Carrie Bradshaw? Audrey Hepburn?  Kate Moss? Or another icon? Build on this knowledge to plan your personal style.
• Know what colours suit you.  Are you a warm or a cool complexioned person?  Usually you can tell if you look good in white and not cream, you have a cool complexion and the reverse if you look better in cream.
• Use accessories. Nancy Cunard, the lovely lady at the top of this post always wore big bangles.  They were her signature, what can be yours? A personal signature can be as simple as a wearing the perfect red lipstick as Diana Vreeland, the famous editor.

Have you thought a bit about yourself and how you want to present yourself to other people?

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