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Menu Monday 12th October 2015

By Viviana

Oct 12, 2015 Menu Monday0 Comments

Hello Autumn! There is a chill in the air here in London which brings the itch to play in the kitchen. I have gotten into a bit of a rut with my cooking so my new project is to compile a list of all the recipes that we like and mix it up a bit more. Do you also find that you go back to the same say, […]


By Viviana

Sep 28, 2015 Economy1 Comment

Recessionomics – The economic slowdown during recession.

There has been quite a bit of talk this week about the recession being over.  I must say I am not convince in the least.  Are we supposed to believe that there is going to be a huge change just because […]

Menu Monday 28th September 2015

By Viviana

Sep 28, 2015 Menu Monday4 Comments

We have just come back from a lovely holiday in the south of France – all I can say is the food was amazing. We rented a tiny little flat near the beach in a not so salubrious area outside of Cannes.  We only ate out a few times for lunch not because we were trying to be particularly cheap […]

Financial Baggage

By Viviana

Aug 17, 2015 Relationships3 Comments

Years ago before we committed to a relationship, we worried about prospective partners having too much emotional baggage, now it seems we are worrying about financial baggage, both, theirs and ours.

We bring with us, student loans many years after we have graduated, credit card debt tha […]

Scary Frugal Things about Me

By Viviana

Aug 17, 2015 Frugality4 Comments

After last week’s sad post, I thought I would tell you some of my frugal quirks.  I hope I am not the only person out there with strange frugal habits and fears. My beloved even sometimes thinks I am weird but I will let you be the judge of my weirdness.< […]

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