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Loyalty Gone Mad??? - The Lean Times


Sep 2, 2013 Shopping , , , 3 Comments

I seem to have gotten a strange affliction recently, an obsession with building up my loyalty points.  It seems I will walk miles (well really metres) for extra Club Card points.

Recently, I needed to buy a perfume type gift, I immediately wanted to go to Boots, the Chemist, so I could get my Advantage Points.  Unfortunately the only box they had of the item was too shop worn to give as a gift so I had to go to the department store across the street.

I was happy to have the gift in hand as I needed it for the next day but I felt as though I missed out on my 136 Advantage Points.  The amount of points was not insignificant as it could buy me something useful like a bar of soap or be points in the ‘bank’ towards a luxury cosmetic item.

So my scheming began – I devised a plan that if I went to another branch of Boots, bought the gift to get my precious points then I could return it to the department store.    While I was hatching this clever plan my beloved was looking at me as though I had three heads.

I think my urge to be frugal might be getting a bit out of control.  I was prepared to go to two different stores to buy and return a gift that I have already presented to someone, just to get the reward points, worth £1.36/$1.95.  How far was I planning to go for a few loyalty points? Perhaps I should be factoring in my time when I am being overly careful with money.

Have you ever gone to somewhat silly extremes to save a few pennies?


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