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I Want a 1950’s Wife

As I have probably mentioned before I live pretty much alone, my beloved comes over a few nights a week but is not asked to help me in running my flat.  That would be unfair.

A few years ago I had a wonderful flatmate and we used to cook for one another.  It was such a luxury to come home and have dinner being made by someone else.  That routine and watching reruns of Bewitched, has made me yearn for a wife. What a joy it would be to come home in the evening to find dinner being prepared, the laundry done and a glass of wine waiting. Unfortunately I am not a man living in the middle of last century, do us ladies ever get a break?

To fill the wife shaped hole in my life, I have started to seek out wifely like short cuts. I plan my shopping, and cooking a week ahead. When I need some help with the meal planning, I go to Spoonfed Suppers. This website is brilliant. Once you sign up you get a recipe emailed to you daily, so you never get bored of your own cooking.  I adore the Stock up on Staples section, so clever for someone just starting out.

I have my staple grocery items and any heavy stuff (like cat litter) delivered every fortnight.  I love that my favourite supermarket keeps a list of everything I buy so it is just a matter of ticking off what I need and picking a delivery slot.  It is well worth the small fee not to have to lug heavy items up the stairs. Also I have the security of always having the basics in my larder.

In my quest for a virtual wife, I utilize appliances like my slow cooker which with a bit of forward planning will have dinner almost ready when I get home from a hard day’s work.  Ok, it doesn’t pour me a glass of wine but it does make a mean chicken.

Now I just need to sort out a robot to clean the flat while I am at work that won’t suck up the cats.

1 thought on “I Want a 1950’s Wife”

  1. Oh I just love this one! I TOO yearn for a 1950’s wife! For now, as I have taken your advice in previous
    blogs, I will have to be content with what’s in my freezer!

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