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I am a Frugal Rebel

17th century war picture with frugal rebel banner

I must admit that I am not your regular frugal person. I don’t really believe in cheap. For me, I take the definition of frugal from the now deceased Jeff Smith, aka The Frugal Gourmet. His definition is:

The term frugal does not neccessarily meancheap“. It means that you use everything and are careful with your time as well as with your food products.

I take his frugal concept beyond food, I use it when I buy pretty much anything. When I buy a nice lipstick, I make sure I get every last drop out of it, using a lip brush. I buy nice shoes that I pay to have resoled so they last for years. I just don’t believe in throwaway cheap things.  I would much rather have less good quality items than loads of cheap things.

I especially don’t believe in buying cheap clothing in places like Primark. Their clothing looks ok in the store but as soon as you wash it, it will look like you have worn it a thousand times. I believe in having a small wardrobe of good quality, well fitting items. How do I go about finding these fabulous clothes without spending a fortune? I do a large portion of my shopping on eBay.  Yes sometimes, I get my desired item a few season after it has hit the shops but if you are smart, you are buying stylish clothes not what is in fashion at the moment.

What is your idea of being frugal? Can a person call themselves frugal if they have a designer handbag?





4 thoughts on “I am a Frugal Rebel”

  1. I completely agree. It is all about choosing what to spend money on, and really enjoying good basics that don’t cost much and appreciating them. I avoid spending money for the sake of it, but I’ll buy decent salt, because I don’t use a lot of it, and I genuinely enjoy wild foraged food in the spring time. Knowing you can spend a little money if you want to, but then chosing not to to achieve more freedom in life is a very liberating thing!

  2. Well, after the great recession of the last few years being frugal sure doesn’t have the same meaning as it used to. I have always tried to curb my spending whenever possible and don’t care what people think about it… They don’t pay my bills.

  3. Hi Zimmy, I love the straight forward way, you say others don’t pay your bills – so true!!! I hope you and your crew stop by again.

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