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eBay for Everyday

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Ages ago, I wrote the post eBay I Love you! and would you believe, the love is still going strong.  Most people think about eBay when they are looking for something special, like a specific antique plate that you need to replace or something second hand that you don’t want to pay full price.  I think of eBay when I need a treat or just when it is time to buy good hair conditioner.

Ebay is my go to place for anything name branded, especially something a little bit extravagant. This week, I have had great luck on eBay, I saved £11.69 on three beauty items and they are all being delivered to my door. Which means I am saving shopping time as well as money.

Last weekend, I was perusing a name brand cosmetic counter with the severe urge to buy a new eye shadow.  I found the colour I was interested in and while waiting to be served, I jumped on eBay to find the very colour going for £3 in an auction ending in 2 days.  The retail price was £14.50 and I got the eyeshadow for a mere £5.20 including shipping and it was in my hot little hand just 5 days later. The Lean Times 1 – Sales Assistant 0.   I can’t really beat that.  With the money I had left over I got an OPI nail polish at £2 less than retail so I got two items for the same price as the one eye shadow. It felt like Christmas when I opened my door to find three packages waiting for me.

The key to any kind of price beating is to know what the suggested retail price is.  If you know your prices then you know when you have a good deal. You also must never get caught up in the chase, always know exactly how high you are willing to go and never go a  penny beyond.

Alway check out the seller’s feedback rating before putting a bid on.  I, personally, try not to deal with anyone with a rating of less than 98%.  I also read a bit of the feedback to get a feel how the seller is to deal with.

I must confess I love quality stuff, who doesn’t?  But with this recession, I find it hard to spend my very hard earned money on frivolity, when the electricity bill calls.  Ebay to the rescue!

Oh, are you wondering what the third item was?  It was Aveda hair conditioner, I only saved £1.49 but it did mean I saved myself a special trip to the shop where I might have been tempted by more stuff.

2 thoughts on “eBay for Everyday”

  1. Hi Khaleef, Thanks for commenting. AmazonUK is not as good as AmazonUS for everyday things so at the moment, better buys are on eBay. Also with the recession, ex-shop owners are selling off stock at a fraction of the retail price. Go eBayUK!

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