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Hello and welcome to beating your Lean Times.  I thought it might be good to give a little guide to some of the relevant posts if you are just starting your journey into financial sanity.

Changing your life and habits is always a challenge even if you know it is for your own good.  Think about if you have ever tried to give up a bad habit like smoking or overeating, you know how helpful it is to have a little support.

The Mission Possible Series – in this series here there is lots of information,  easy tips, and strategies to save you money, get out of debt etc.  It gives you a starting point in your mission to financial freedom and control.

Mission Possible: Get Out of Debt

Mission Possible: Fill in the Black Holes

Mission Possible: Invisible Savings – yes it is possible.

Mission Possible: Get a Budget

Mission Possible: Get a Budget the Freestylie Way – this post will guide you if you have a variable income stream(s)

Mission Possible: Get More Money

Mission Possible: Embrace the Frugal Life

Please drop me a line (info AT if there is anything you don’t see covered. I am here to help you and if you are not getting the answers you need then I am not doing what I have set out to do.

We can all get a bit more control over our finances and our lives.  We must try to create the life we desire and try not to settle too much.