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Summertime Debt Free Time

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I think the summer is the best time to start a plan to get your finances in order.  Why summer and not in January when most people make resolutions? In the summer with all the sunshine things seem a bit better, more hopeful even, so what better time to sit down and take a long hard look at your finances.  There are other reasons that summer is a good time to work on cutting back.

Here is a little list:

1. It stays light longer so you can really cut your electricity bill.

2. Since it is lighter much later you can stay outside and not watch TV.  Cut your cable tv down to the bare essential channels and you will be acclimated to less channels by the time the nights start closing in.

3. Fresh fruit and vegetables are less expensive so you can eat better while cutting your food costs. Hit your local farmer’s market. Watch out for a summer food post next week.

4. Cut back on your public transporation by walking more.

5.  In the same vein, quit the gym and find an outdoor exercise to do.

6. January is just plain depressing with the physical and financial hangover of Christmas. Who can face a total financial revamp in that gloom.  It is so much better to lay the groundwork in the sunshine then you will have your good habits in place by the autumn.

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