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Work Those Sales

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Well, we have gotten through Christmas with full bellies, we are looking hopefully at 2010 but before we pop the Champagne cork, most of us will be pulled into visiting the After Christmas Sales.

I personally don’t like shopping in the sales.  I hate the sense of urgency to make a money decision. I am more a methodical shopper, I like to think and review before getting out the cash.

There are a few things that will not be a mistake to buy, that will most definitely save you money and might even get you out of a sticky social situation. I must clarify I am not talking about Christmas cards to put away for next year, this is a good idea if you super organized and will be able to find the cards when Xmas 2010 rolls along.

The Lean Times best post holiday buys are as follows:

Chocolates – Buy any quality chocolates in red, gold or silver packaging to give for Valentine’s Day. The best chocolates don’t usually come in a heart shaped box.  Buy your chocolates now and love them up for Valentines with some cut out hearts and ribbons. Even if you don’t have a special someone to give them to; you can bring them into the office and pass them around your single colleagues.

Wrapping Paper – I buy non-Christmas paper to use year round.  I try to get some white or silver to use for weddings  and anything graphic for birthdays.  The wrapping paper I bought two years ago is still working for me just fine.

Smellies – The shops are full of marked down gift sets, bubble bath and various smellies, these make perfect last minute gifts for teachers, distant aunts and work mates.

Do you have anything you buy in the Christmas Sales to use at other times of the year?  Leave me a comment with your tips.

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  1. Although I haven’t braved the sales yet, like you, I always look out for gift sets to use for birthdays etc. I have done a bit of online shopping and got next years gift wrap which I have posted on the Blog about. Happy New Year xx

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