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Minimalists VS the Crafties


Jul 7, 2009 Crafts , , , 11 Comments

Minimalist Crafties Every day I read a selection of frugality based Personal Finance blogs, besides the general topics of getting out of debt, building wealth and preparing for a financially sounder future, they usually write about their leisure pursuits and philosophies.  The authors seem to fall into two separate philosophical camps the Minimalists and the [...]

1 2 3 Swish!


May 29, 2009 Style , , , , 3 Comments

Last Friday my good friend, Tracey and I went to our very first Swish.  I mentioned Swishing last week but as a recap Swishing is the ethically way to get your shopping fix without spending a penny.  Basically it is a very well organized swap. The Swish we went to was the first ever only [...]