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Lean on Time

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I have taken on a bit too much at the moment.  I am working on this blog, taking a sewing class, designing and making jewelry to sell on Etsy, decluttering my flat by selling stuff on Ebay, all while trying to scrape together enough money to pay the mortgage.    A lot of it is snowflaking because as a freelancer, my amount of work has gone down with the economy so I am being creative.

Most of the time it feels like my head is going to explode so I have decided to work on my time management and concentration.  Dumb Little Man has written a brilliant post on ways to stay focused.  I have noted and am starting to use a few of his tricks, especially the one about writing down the next days top five goals before bed.

Do you dear readers have any time management tricks?  I have taken out Time Management for Dummies from the library but have not found the time to read it. Please help me get organized so my head does not explode!

wonder-wheelIt’s Carnival Time Again

I am thrilled to have been included in the 9th Carnival of Pecuniary Delights hosted by Kelly at Almost Frugal, for my post Make do and Mend.  Thanks Kelly, you did a great job of picking posts.  I have also been included in the 179th Festival of Frugality hosted by Kyle at Suburban Dollar, for my How far would you go? Extreme Frugalism.

And now for a slightly different type of Carnival – the Make It From Scratch Carnival hosted by Ginger at Ginger Won’t Snap featured Make do and Mend yet again. This is a great carnival to get fabulous ideas about crafting, cooking,  and just doing it yourself.  Happy reading.

5 thoughts on “Lean on Time”

  1. I find it very helpful to make a short list before I go to bed of what I need to get done the next day. Writing it down helps me get a good night’s sleep so that I won’t be up all night thinking then when I wake up well rested it’s easier to get everything done.

    I also find it helpful to set the timer on my phone when I go online for “me time” a.k.a. browsing, twitter, catching up on blogs etc so that I don’t end up wasting the entire day…like this morning!

  2. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for commenting! I agree about the list before bed, it does help one sleep. I should try the timer thing as I have a timer widget on my computer for phone calls and I spend way too much time on the internet and Twitter.

  3. Hey Viviana;

    I found you because you’re on my team for the PF bloggers weight loss challenge. go team! I’m really digging your blog so far.

    For time management I use a combination similar to Holly above. I am an extensive list maker, and I use timers to give myself a block of time for whatever the task is. I find for me the hardest thing is when to *stop* doing what I’m doing, and move on. I also put items on my longer-term to-do list on my calendar and set reminders. That way I have time blocked out for dealing with it, so it doesn’t just get moved from one list to the next without being addressed. Hope it helps!

  4. Hi Lynne,

    I am excited about the challenge.
    Thanks for your comment – You sound like a very organized lady! I am also a list person but I find stuff like Twitter eats time. I am doing Holly’s idea of writing a list before which I am finding really helpful in getting a good nights sleep. I also do an online calendar for my bills with is immensely helpful in watching my money.
    Go Team Epsilon!

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