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May 26, 2009 Productivity , , , , , , , 5 Comments

I have taken on a bit too much at the moment.  I am working on this blog, taking a sewing class, designing and making jewelry to sell on Etsy, decluttering my flat by selling stuff on Ebay, all while trying to scrape together enough money to pay the mortgage.    A lot of it is snowflaking because as a freelancer, my amount of work has gone down with the economy so I am being creative.

Most of the time it feels like my head is going to explode so I have decided to work on my time management and concentration.  Dumb Little Man has written a brilliant post on ways to stay focused.  I have noted and am starting to use a few of his tricks, especially the one about writing down the next days top five goals before bed.

Do you dear readers have any time management tricks?  I have taken out Time Management for Dummies from the library but have not found the time to read it. Please help me get organized so my head does not explode!

wonder-wheelIt’s Carnival Time Again

I am thrilled to have been included in the 9th Carnival of Pecuniary Delights hosted by Kelly at Almost Frugal, for my post Make do and Mend.  Thanks Kelly, you did a great job of picking posts.  I have also been included in the 179th Festival of Frugality hosted by Kyle at Suburban Dollar, for my How far would you go? Extreme Frugalism.

And now for a slightly different type of Carnival – the Make It From Scratch Carnival hosted by Ginger at Ginger Won’t Snap featured Make do and Mend yet again. This is a great carnival to get fabulous ideas about crafting, cooking,  and just doing it yourself.  Happy reading.


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