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Minimalists VS The Crafties - The Lean Times


Jul 7, 2009 Crafts , , , 11 Comments




Every day I read a selection of frugality based Personal Finance blogs, besides the general topics of getting out of debt, building wealth and preparing for a financially sounder future, they usually write about their leisure pursuits and philosophies.  The authors seem to fall into two separate philosophical camps the Minimalists and the Crafties.

The Minimalists are all for de-cluttering their homes and their lives. They are very Zen. I imagine their homes to be very white and hyper tidy. In the Minimalist camp there are several great blogs/websites that will help you figure out how to get rid of your clutter, such as UncluttererZen Habits can guide you through how to work more efficiently with less stuff. And for you Minimalists in training, there is Becoming Minimalist for all your minimalism questions.

The Crafties are a slightly different group in my eyes.  They are into using their spare time to put their talents to good use, by making jewellery, vintage hunting, knitting and sewing then selling their wares on Etsy and the like. I think of their homes as been warm and comfy, possibly with pets running around.  Being a Crafty person is now on trend and fits well into the Personal Finance realm because you can make money from your skills.  Sian at Walletpop UK has just written a great series of posts about opening her Etsy shop.  There are several other great crafty, DIY websites such as CraftsterMake it and Mend it and if you are interested in learning to be a Crafty then try Create Boutique.

My big question is can a Crafty ever be Minimalist and vice versa?  I would love to live a life of a Minimalist but I am afraid that I have the soul of a Crafty. I have an Etsy store, where I sell my handmade crystal earrings, vintage buttons and any other vintage stuff that comes my way.  The problem is deep inside I would like to be a Minimalist but it is nearly impossible with all the paraphernalia I have.

Which side of the fence are you sitting on?  Do you like all your surfaces clean with no clutter or are you someone that always has a project on the go?


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