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Time for a Life Reboot

Ok, I have finally come to terms with summer ending. I am usually super excited by the first slight autumnal chill but this year I am not so keen, probably because we were told to get ready for a hot summer that never happened.  I feel cheated.

So instead of walking around with a grumpy face, I have decided to take the new season by the horns and plan a life reboot. Some of these ideas will be revisited in more detail in future posts.

1. Get Better Organized
In July, I was lucky enough to be given a iphone, which I adore.  I am trying out different productivity apps to find which ones work best for me.  So far I am trying out Evernote for recording everything I need to remember in one place.  I am also trying out Remember the Milk, for task scheduling and prioritizing.  Do you have any applications that you love for getting things done?  Please leave me a comment.

2. Be a better non-spender
I love iExpenseIt, this an app for tracking all your spending.  It makes it so easy to keep a tally then you can email all the info to yourself to analyze.  What a great way to keep track of your spending.

3. Earn More Money
I know I need to make more money if I am ever going to be debt free. My plan is to go through all my clothes and put anything that I not going to wear on Ebay .  I do think you have to be careful of the ‘if you have not worn it in six months’ rule.  There are designer items that I do hold on to knowing that they are classic or just avant garde enough to wear in future. Case in point, since tailoring is such a big trend this season, I have resurrected an ancient Gaultier Junior jacket and feel I am on trend. So before you get rid of anything be mindful.

I will be making jewellery on a much more regular basis to keep my Etsy store ticking over.  I have lots of beads and ideas but had not the time but with the dark nights closing in and canceling my cable service that should not be a problem any more.

4. Start enjoying fashion again
I have worked in fashion most of my life, recently I have felt a bit burnt out on it.  It all looked a bit samey but this season with the return of tailoring and great accessories, I am going to try to reboot my love of fashion.  I will report back on this one.

5. Have a more varied social life

I seem to have forgotten all the cool things to do in London.  I am starting this point with going to Rockahula, a club I found through the fabulous Queens of Vintage.  It is all about looking outside what you usually do.  I want to shake things up a bit. I find it inspiring when I do something outside my regular social life.

I am ending the list here as I think if I try to make any more changes I will not do any of them.  Have you ever done a life reboot?  Comment and tell me all about it.

Carnival News –   I am thrilled my post Financial Advice to My 20’s Self has been included in the wonderful Carnival of Pecuniary Delights.

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