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The Benefits Of Having A Portfolio Career

I like to juggle my jobs, I get nervous having one full time job especially in this uncertain economy. You can be on holiday one day then made redundant the next. Yes this just happened to me. I was given the heave hoe from a one day a week freelance job that I had been doing for 1.5 years but thank goodness I have other income streams.

I have a portfolio career. What you have not heard the term? Here is the  definition from

A portfolio career is a tapestry of a variety of eclectic employment experiences; employment in a series of short-contract or part-time positions.

Pretty cool, huh?  Many people think that people with portfolio careers are not focused or not capable of settling down and sticking to one job. I disagree, I think having a portfolio career is much more modern. I like it that I am not depending on a single source for my crust of bread. I also get to use much more of my creativity. Does the premise sounding tempting?  Do you think you might have what it takes to try out the juggling life?

There are some great resources around to help you find out if you are cut out for a portfolio career.  There are a few good books such as And What Do You Do? by Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger and Screw Work Let’s Play by John Williams.  John Williams also runs a website called Scanner Central and a monthly Meetup for like minded people to meet and network.

I bet you are wondering what I do in my portfolio career. I have a couple of jobs that keep me afloat, a financial admin gig and until the other day, I was working with a photographer sourcing new business.  The other things I do are as follows: write this blog, have an Etsy shop selling vintage buttons, writing ebooks (watch out there is a new one on the way) and selling stuff on eBay.

I like to wear as many hats as I can fit on my head, I love it that everyday is a unique and I get to use different skills. I must say this lifestyle is not all roses and kittens, there are a few financial implications, you must sort out your own retirement fund and pay your own taxes. It is also very important to have an emergency fund so if one of your income streams stops you will not be in a bad way.

On the other hand, if you are proficient at being a portfolio careerist and one of you jobs disappears then I am sure you will have another one in the wings to replace it.


2 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Having A Portfolio Career”

  1. I couldn’t agree more!

    I’m a musician and with a precarious job like that it’s great to have more than one string to your bow. It stops life getting boring too!

  2. Tuesday Hutton- Browne

    This rings so true for me and I think it is the future for a great deal of people trying to earn a living. We all have to adapt to the current economic climate and to do that we must diversify and that means developing a wider range of skill sets. Keep learning, take courses, work on what you really love doing and don’t be constrained by outdated ideas of a career path.

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