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I thought it would be Etsy

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I have opened an Etsy shop to selling handmade beaded earrings and some vintage finds.  When I started on this adventure I didn’t realize that there were millions of people selling on Etsy and they all seem to put a heck of a lot effort in the whole process.  I was silly and thought my product might speak for itself.

I learned to bead when I was in college in New York, working for the incredibly high-end jeweller Erickson Beamon.  I still work for them once in a while when they get a giant order in and it is all hands on deck.  So I do know how to bead, what I don’t know is how to take a decent photo of a pair of earrings – big problem!

I have written before about my snowflaking efforts but is it a good idea to spend money on the possibility of making money?  If I intend to follow on with this Etsy idea/plan, I will need to get a better camera and more beads to make more stock.

What do you think lovely readers?  Is it worth the money, time and energy?  I do love to make stuff and to hunt for fab vintage items to sell but lets face there is only so much time in a weekend or evenings after work.

What do you guys think, too many fingers in too many pies to make any real dough?  Or shake every tree to get some fruit?


5 thoughts on “I thought it would be Etsy”

  1. There are tutorials in Etsy’s forums that give great suggestions on taking better pictures. I found an online tutorial on making a light box with a big clear Rubbermaid container and some posterboard that really works with some clip on lamps. Having a light source other than the camera’s flash is key to great photography!

  2. I have 2 etsy shops, one for crafts and one for supplies. I am finally doing pretty nicely but it does take time. I checked your shop and I would definitely get beter pictures as yours appeared very dark and shadowy. Maybe taking the pictures outside in sunlight or pointing a bright light at the item to show off what sparkle it creates. My sales vastly improved when I did 2 things, got a great digital camera and listed over 100 items. Listing daily with new things, even just one will help to keep you from getting buried in the list of items on offer. Good luck and keep trying, there is no other outlet for selling online that costs as little as etsy and I have tried several.

  3. Thanks so much for the advice!
    I will look at the Etsy forums but unfortunately I think my problem is with my camera or the photographer as in me.

  4. Hello and thanks so much for taking the time to have a look at my shop!
    I have it in my plans to get a better digital camera and will definitely try some new lighting techniques.
    I am planning to make some more stock and perhaps put it on a few at a time as you suggested.
    Thanks again!

  5. I think you should invest in a good digital camera and learn how to take good digital pictures (maybe take a class).

    If your jewelry is good, it will eventually build up a clientelle, but initially the way people perceive your product is extremely important. So I recommend learning how to take good photos, or hiring a photographer to do it for you.

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