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I Thought It Would Be Etsy - The Lean Times


Mar 25, 2013 Crafts , , , , 5 Comments

I have opened an Etsy shop to selling handmade beaded earrings and some vintage finds.  When I started on this adventure I didn’t realize that there were millions of people selling on Etsy and they all seem to put a heck of a lot effort in the whole process.  I was silly and thought my product might speak for itself.

I learned to bead when I was in college in New York, working for the incredibly high-end jeweller Erickson Beamon.  I still work for them once in a while when they get a giant order in and it is all hands on deck.  So I do know how to bead, what I don’t know is how to take a decent photo of a pair of earrings – big problem!

I have written before about my snowflaking efforts but is it a good idea to spend money on the possibility of making money?  If I intend to follow on with this Etsy idea/plan, I will need to get a better camera and more beads to make more stock.

What do you think lovely readers?  Is it worth the money, time and energy?  I do love to make stuff and to hunt for fab vintage items to sell but lets face there is only so much time in a weekend or evenings after work.

What do you guys think, too many fingers in too many pies to make any real dough?  Or shake every tree to get some fruit?



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