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Mission Possible: Get More Money - The Lean Times


Mar 12, 2010 Money , , , , 1 Comment

Here we are working diligently to get our financial lives in order; we have filled in the black holes, made a workable budget and now to speed up the whole process we need to make more money. There are lots of ways you can add to your income.  Below are a few ideas, please leave a comment if you have any others.

Sell stuff – I adore Ebay.  I went through my flat and made a stack of things that I could definitely live without.  Some of these included: beautiful high heels that I never wore, collectible fashion magazines that were collecting dust, designer clothes that don’t fit anymore and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I did my Ebay selling a few months ago and I don’t miss a thing.  I am planning another rummage to get rid of some more.   My new mantra is minimalism is fun.

Get a second job – This one is a bit difficult if you work a normal 40 ( then adding travel 50) hour week as so many of us do. So after listening to many podcasts on making money, I think the best thing is to have a sleeping business.  What the heck is a sleeping business, you ask?  It is where you have a business that you don’t have to be in a specific place at a specific time.  Wealthy people usually have property or stock as their sleeping business, but since I am not wealthy (yet) I have buttons.

Ages ago I did a post on having an Etsy shop and how it was a bit more work than I had thought.  In short, I was making earrings so I had to design them, source the parts then photograph the product and write a description.  It really was not so bad, but unfortunately, about a million other people were doing the same thing. Then a light bulb went off when I found a source for gorgeous vintage buttons.  There were a lot less people selling buttons and they have sold well with much less work on my part.

There must be countless things you can do without having to exchange a precise amount of time for a specific amount of money.  Ebooks come to mind as does teaching if you have a marketable skill, do you have any other ideas for sleeping businesses?

Give something up – many moons ago I used to smoke and when I quit I was in a state of constant surprise that I had more money in my pocket than I expected.  Once a habit becomes a habit you don’t notice how much money you are giving to that habit.   Have you ever given up a habit and found yourself much better off financially?  Do tell.


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