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1 2 3 Swish!

Rules of the Swish

Last Friday my good friend, Tracey and I went to our very first Swish.  I mentioned Swishing last week but as a recap Swishing is the ethically way to get your shopping fix without spending a penny.  Basically it is a very well organized swap.

The Swish we went to was the first ever only Accessories Swish organized by the super Lucy Shea, inventor of the Swish.  I personally think an accessory Swish is a bit easier than a clothing one since there is no sizing considerations also you don’t need a changing room.

I must say this was fantastically well organized. When we arrived with our required minium of  three items, we were greeted and our things taken away to put in the correct catagory. Then we had about 30-45 minutes to get a drink, chat and most importantly look over the goods we would be vying for.

The Swish is done in three stages – the first time you take your heart’s desire, the second the your head’s desire and the third anything else that looks good and at the end it is a free for all.  Any remainders go to charity.

The most remarkable thing about the Swish is how polite everyone was! If two people wanted the same item then there is a raffle for the item: names put in a hat then a winner pulled out.

What did you get, you ask?  I was in a red mood so I got a red with white polka dot silk scarf, then a seed bead choker and lastly some red crystal earrings.  The other great thing about Swishing is it can get your creative juices going, the earring were really not me so I remade them into these to sell on Esty.  Is not that the ultimate in recycling?

If you are interested in having your own Swish you can find out exactly how to do it on the Swish website.  Tracey and I are thinking about having a Swish in West London, if you are interested in attending drop me a line.  By the way, Tracey got some fabulous turquoise pearls that she wore to lunch today.  What could be better a cocktail and free stuff?  Come on ladies 1 2 3 Swish!

swish1 swish-3swish-4

3 thoughts on “1 2 3 Swish!”

  1. Oh, that sounded like it went really well. Am keen to do an Accessories Swish with my friends in Munich. Thanks for the write up and hope your next one goes as well too!

  2. I would add some random people if you can, like co-workers so you get a variety of items. Good luck with your Swish!

  3. Hi and thanks for commenting.

    The main point of Swishing is to get a shopping fix without spending any money. It is a great way to clear out the clothing or accessories that you don’t wear, get something new to you and most Swishes give the remainders to charity so you are helping out there as well. I hope that clarified it for you.

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