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September is Here,Time to Get Back to Business


Apr 27, 2015 Frugality , , , , , , , 1 Comment

Am I the only person that gets excited when September rolls around?  Perhaps it is the idea of going back to school, buying new stationery and of course new clothes.  I feel the end of summer brings a chance of reinvention, like the chubby kid that comes back after the summer looking stunning as the [...]

Lean Times Tools


Jun 23, 2014 Frugality , , , 3 Comments

Being Lean should not be difficult or time consuming. I have a few tools I keep around the house to make living Lean a bit easier. I have small spatulas in different parts of the house – one in the bathroom to every last bit of skin cream out of jars and one in the [...]

A-Z of Frugality


Mar 31, 2014 Frugality , 1 Comment

There are so many ways to say and to stay frugal so I have made a little alphabet list for you.     Accountablity Budget Cooking Debt Effort Freedom Growing your own vegetables, herbs, chickens Homemade Invest in your future Justification of purchases – DON’T Keeping count Lean Times/Larder Money Negotiate the best price Open [...]