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The Signs that You are In the Frugal Major League

  1. When you use your loyalty points to buy lunch instead of paying money and still feel guilty that you did not brown bag it.
  2. When you search out private views so you can get a free glass of wine.
  3. When you make your next Christmas gift list in December so you make sure you take full advantage of the sales.
  4. You sign up to groups so you can get free or cheap gift incentives then put the cancellation by date in your organizer so it won’t cost a penny.
  5. When you know exactly how many cans of tomatoes you have in your cupboard.
  6. When you don’t get your hair done until you find a Groupon or coupon deal.
  7. When you buy your rice in a 10 kg  bag and you don’t even eat rice more than once a week.
  8. When you eat at home before going to a restaurant for a friend’s birthday.
  9. Bring a flask of vodka to a bar then order soft drinks.
  10. When you go to Costco for the free nibbles at lunchtime.
  11. When you reuse the same wrapping paper year after year.
  12. When you think nothing of eating chili several days in a row, such a versatile food.

None of these things are really too frugal, well except bringing your own booze to a bar.  What do you all think makes the grade in frugality?  I am not going into extreme frugalism territory such as stealing toilet paper or freeganism but what makes someone a card carrying frugal?

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