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See No Evil in Your Inbox

Times are tough at the moment. Well they have been tough for a while and unfortunately the situation does not look much rosier in the near future.

I am working very hard on staying on target and only spending what I have budgeted for. So the last thing I need is a bunch of “deals” in my inbox.

I am tired of being tempted. I have succumbed to many a Groupon, Living Social and don’t even get me started on BrandAlley. They all are selling me stuff that I didn’t even know I wanted, how clever is that?

I have now unsubscribed to most of these deal emails.  I have used and gotten great service from BrandAlley and Achica  but I just don’t need anymore stuff in my life right now.  I feel it is better for me to hit eBay when I really need something.

I must say I have been disappointed when I have used many of the service deal sites which is not their fault but that of the companies providing the service.  I am still chasing a cleaning company to use a voucher that I purchased in October.

I feel much lighter since I have unsubscribed to the deal sites. Now I don’t have to open my email box with worry of temptation because it just won’t be there.  Have you hit the unsubscribe button lately?

5 thoughts on “See No Evil in Your Inbox”

  1. I agree! And not only are they trying to sell things I don’t know I want, but they are positively clogging my inbox in the process! Groupon sends 5-6 emails a day, such a pain, and have to admit I never thought of unsubscribing because it usually doesn’t work… you have inspired me to do so now though!

  2. I’ve been unsubscribing to so many emails that I don’t even remember subscribing to! You make a good point about being tempted to buy things you don’t want.

    Who was it who said ‘Capitalism is buying things you don’t want with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like’?

  3. I still receive the Groupon e-mails (and these tend to multiply) but pay no heed to them. Tried to buy things from Groupon twice (thing we needed) and one of these the company went bust and the other we got the purchase three months late – not very good when one buys a winter duvet! Groupon suck anyway!

  4. I made the stupid mistake of opting for a Groupon hair dye voucher. Oh dear me. I was fobbed off with the most junior stylist in the hair salon. Bless her. I’m not sure who was the more horrified when my roots turned a vibrant orange.

    Groupon? Never again.

  5. Groupon is a slippery slope. Time Magazine did a little blurb about people that use Groupon are more unhappy with their purchases then people that have paid full price.

    I think a lot of the companies that do the mass internet selling get special freelance staff in to take care of the new customers and they do not give the service that is expected. I had this when buying a massage, special workers were brought in to service the Groupon customers so you are not actually getting the real service a company offers which means you are much less likely to return as a full priced customer. This defeats the entire purpose of getting new customers in the door.

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