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See No Evil In Your Inbox - The Lean Times


Jan 27, 2014 Frugality , , , , , 5 Comments

Times are tough at the moment. Well they have been tough for a while and unfortunately the situation does not look much rosier in the near future.

I am working very hard on staying on target and only spending what I have budgeted for. So the last thing I need is a bunch of “deals” in my inbox.

I am tired of being tempted. I have succumbed to many a Groupon, Living Social and don’t even get me started on BrandAlley. They all are selling me stuff that I didn’t even know I wanted, how clever is that?

I have now unsubscribed to most of these deal emails.  I have used and gotten great service from BrandAlley and Achica  but I just don’t need anymore stuff in my life right now.  I feel it is better for me to hit eBay when I really need something.

I must say I have been disappointed when I have used many of the service deal sites which is not their fault but that of the companies providing the service.  I am still chasing a cleaning company to use a voucher that I purchased in October.

I feel much lighter since I have unsubscribed to the deal sites. Now I don’t have to open my email box with worry of temptation because it just won’t be there.  Have you hit the unsubscribe button lately?


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