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Jun 23, 2014 Frugality , , , 3 Comments

Being Lean should not be difficult or time consuming. I have a few tools I keep around the house to make living Lean a bit easier. I have small spatulas in different parts of the house – one in the bathroom to every last bit of skin cream out of jars and one in the kitchen to get out that last drop of a condiment. I love this set of different coloured spatulas. You can nominate a colour for the job it does or the room it lives in.


My other little tool is child’s safety scissors to cut the end of toothpaste tubes, that very expensive Aveda conditioner or moisturizer. You would be surprised how much more is hidden in the nozzle at the end of a tube.

Make it as easy as possible to be Lean – it is always easier to open a new tube or jar then to go into a different room to get the spatula or scissors.


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