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The urge to slurge


Sep 8, 2014 Money 0 Comments

About a month ago, I took up a new temporary position. It is brilliant, I am making the most money I have since before the Crash of 2008. That is a long time of scrimping, saving and not shopping. It is amazing how fast you can adjust to having money coming in as opposed to [...]

No Cash Necessary


Jan 27, 2014 Money , , 0 Comments

In the times of a struggling economy where debt and unemployment continues to mount on shoulders everywhere, it becomes more about holding on to what you have than necessarily on generating income.  Survival of the fittest becomes survival of the solvent.  In an effort to part with as little cash as possible, an idea that [...]

PMT Premortgage Tension


May 5, 2009 Money , , , 0 Comments

PMT, most women and their long suffering spouses are familiar with the term, the anxiety, anger, and frustration but this form of PMT can affect adults of any sex, it is Pre Mortgage Tension. I find, as do many of my friends and associates that are living on tight budgets get particularly emotional, depressed and [...]