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The urge to slurge

I shop therefor I am

About a month ago, I took up a new temporary position. It is brilliant, I am making the most money I have since before the Crash of 2008. That is a long time of scrimping, saving and not shopping.

It is amazing how fast you can adjust to having money coming in as opposed to how long it takes one to realize that the money taps have gone from full flow to a trickle. I have gone a bit wild – I have bought a new sports bra, a dress, stocked up on cat food and skin cream.  And now I want more…

My brain thinks that the tap will be flowing forever but – yes there is always a but the but here is this job is temporary  which means I could very well be out of a job again come November when this contract ends.

I now have the opportunity to not repeat past mistakes – yippee how often does that happen? I am telling myself that I will put money aside for an emergency fund – at least two months of expenses.  The problem is my brain wants to spend money. It has been so long since I have had any I feel like a kid in a candy store.

I don’t think I have gone mad yet – I am thinking before I buy anything and am still hunting the bargains. I have been using my beloved as a sounding board and the only purchase he questioned was a puppy. Fair enough, we have two nice kitties and there are so many more important life upgrades we need.

Now I am in the home stretch of this gig, six weeks left, I am trying to put away at least 25% of my earnings. I have my fingers crossed that I will continue to get good work. I am very blessed to have found a brilliant agent, that got me this gig and hopefully many more.

For the time being, I am going to try to curb my urge to spend, put my energy into finding ways of increasing my passive income and planning ahead a bit better than before. Don’t you love a do over?

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