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Use Your Tools!

Way back in my second post, Lean Times Tools, I wrote about little things that make it easier to be frugal or lean.  Then I was writing about, cutting off the end of a tube of toothpaste to get every last drop or using a mini spatula to dig out that last smear of skin cream this time I want to go a bit more high tech.

I have been trying to throw every available penny at my debts which means I have been caught short a few times when clients have not paid me on time or when an unexpected bill debts my account so to combat that situation ever happening again, I am now a subscriber to text message banking.  I now get a text message every time my account goes below a certain point and also when I get a credit of over £100.   This service gives me a bit of an edge when it comes to managing my finances.  I am very lucky that my bank gives this service for free but I believe I would subscribe to it even if I had to pay a nominal fee.

My other financial misstep is when I am not sure exactly when a direct debit is coming out of my account.  The dates vary month to month, so I now set a  reminder with Google Calendar when my bill arrives, which gives me a heads up two days before the money comes out of my account.  I find this method works for me, do you have another method that works for you? Leave me a comment as I need all the help I can get.

1 thought on “Use Your Tools!”

  1. Where ever possible I have all my bills set to standing orders so that I know the exact date and amount leaving my account. Usually on the 2nd of each month to allow time if our salaries haven’t been paid on time!

    My bank has a iPhone app, and I find this is brilliant for checking accounts when out and I can switch money between them with it so if I am out shopping and want to buy my son some clothes I can transfer it directly from the account I have set aside
    for him (for toys/clothes).

    Whilst I was on mat leave I found your blog really useful, and I am planning to go back through your blog this week to see what tips you have to help us get through the next two months as OH has been signed off sick, so belts need tightening again!

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