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PMT Premortgage Tension

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PMT, most women and their long suffering spouses are familiar with the term, the anxiety, anger, and frustration but this form of PMT can affect adults of any sex, it is Pre Mortgage Tension.

I find, as do many of my friends and associates that are living on tight budgets get particularly emotional, depressed and stressed at the beginning of the month when so many bills come due.  It might be a different time in the calendar for you but you probably still get a little touchy.

The signs of PMT are as follows – checking your online banking at least once a day to make sure your invoices have been paid in.  If the payments have not arrived then phoning to make sure the credit will clear in time.   Craving the delicious delicacy that is ramen noodles and reading way too many personal finance blogs in hope of salvation.

As a long term freelancer, I have implemented a few tactics in attempt to spare me and my beloved from my PMT.  I have an arranged overdraft with my bank that I always leave enough in to cover my big bills if something goes wrong with getting paid.  If you are a freelancer, I am sure you have had your invoice go astray, not get signed off before the pay run or your lovely boss just forget to pay it on time.

The other thing I do is have my favourite comfort food in the freezer. At the moment, I am very partial to a spicy chilli. When I cook I always try to make extra portions for the freezer.  Having a full freezer in good on many levels – it helps the freezer to work more efficiently and it saves you from eating cereal for dinner when you are too busy to shop.

What are your tactics to avoiding the dreaded Pre-mortgage Tension? Please leave me a comment on how you cope with PMT.

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