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Financial Advice to my 20’s self


Sep 8, 2014 Debt , , 4 Comments

I have been thinking about the wrong financial turns I have made and if it would have been different if I had had more knowledge.  I have a friend who when her student loan came through, she bought drinks for all her friends for at least a weekend, not thinking that she was spending borrowed [...]

Spring Resolutions


Sep 8, 2014 Budgets , , 0 Comments

Personally, I think the first of January is a rotten time to attempt to make positive changes to your life.  January and February are dreary months, not exactly the best time to give up vices or pick up virtuous behaviours, so I do it around March. The spring is the time of rebirth so what [...]

The urge to slurge


Sep 8, 2014 Money 0 Comments

About a month ago, I took up a new temporary position. It is brilliant, I am making the most money I have since before the Crash of 2008. That is a long time of scrimping, saving and not shopping. It is amazing how fast you can adjust to having money coming in as opposed to [...]