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Rise And Shine Sleepy Head - The Lean Times


Sep 8, 2014 Productivity , , , 4 Comments

I must make a confession – I LOVE to sleep.  If sleeping were an Olympic sport, I am confident that I could go for the gold.  Well at least the silver, probably some spotty teenager would out sleep me.

Recently, I have been trying out a little experiment;  getting up 45 minutes earlier than usual and I am loving it.  No I am not nuts, yes I still love a lie in but I have discovered that I find it better to write before the day has a chance to wear me down. I adore the sense of acomplishment.

My new routine can benefit anyone not just bloggers.  I am happy if I do a load of laundry, clean the cat box, put stuff on eBay or just about anything I can tick off my list for the day.  One of the best ones  is to fire up the slow cooker before I go to work then when I get home dinner is just about ready.

A few days a week, I work at a fairly un-fulfilling office job, where the sense of accomplishment is pretty non-existent. You know how admin work  never ends. These are the days that it is especially important for me to do something creative and or constructive before I get to the office.

I have also recently started to use Mark Forster’s Autofocus, which is one of the simplest productivity systems ever. All you need is a notebook and a pen.  I love it as it is like stream of consciousness productivity. Make a list and tick it off. Have a look at the video in the link for a much better description.

I am always looking for bigger, better, faster, etc productivity tools, do you have any favourites? I am game to try almost anything to be more productive.


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