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All Change! Back To Work Part Two - The Lean Times


Sep 8, 2014 Homemaking , , , 4 Comments

I am getting acclimatised to my new routine. I have figured out the areas that need to be adjusted to suit my new work schedule. They are: cooking, shopping, cleaning and getting decent working wardrobe together.

Last weekend in my goal to be a lean, mean, organizational machine, I started to do some bulk food prep. When I was working from home, I was cooking every night and now that I get home quite late, I need to make sure cooking is as easy as possible. I find that if I can prep before hand, that cooking is quite easy.

I hit the fruit and vegetable market last Saturday, dusted off the food processor got prepping. I chopped up onions, small not too hot chillies and some very hot chillies. In total, I spent £3 on a lot of vegetables. I don’t know the exact weight because I bought them by the bowl full. The onions were over 2lbs worth, and the peppers about a pound of each.

Here are my results, these should keep us going for a bit.

I am also going back to my routine of getting my heavier items delivered on an approximate rota of every three to four weeks. Now that time is more of a consideration, I am going to be seeking out time saving tricks.

Do you have any tricks to share? Please leave me a comment – I am going to need all the help I can get to keep all my balls in the air.


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