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Podcast Four – Frugal Burnout and Adding Lushness

In this podcast, I discuss how to avoid frugal burnout and how important it is to add some lushness into our lives.

I also discuss the 80/20 rule, that will make us happier while living the frugal life.

Please get in touch if there is anything you would like me to cover in the podcast or in the blog.



2 thoughts on “Podcast Four – Frugal Burnout and Adding Lushness”

  1. am totally with you on the lush included part. what is the point of being frugal if you cant spend a little of what you have saved on some little things that make you feel lush! I love proper good soap. that’s one of mine. and expensive perfume. it lasts a long time and is a great ask as a xmas gift. also travel to see friends and family. gotta be done. also good wine. I hardly drink any more, so when I do, I want something a little bit special. don’t get me wrong am not over board on this, but I will spend a tenner at our local proper wine shop on a particular fave of mine. also, get a posh frock in the january sales. if you are going to be going out or get the invitation to something posh. have something special to wear. I bought an orla keily velvet dress for £65 (down from £320) and it will keep me going for a few good years. I wont feel cheap in it its proper lush.

  2. Hi Moyra, thanks for commenting. I am so glad you agree with my point of view, so many hard core frugalists believe that we should live on rice and beans until our financial situation improves. I believe that too much deprivation leads to a binge just like when you are dieting.

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