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Relationships in a Recession

A severe recession, like the one we have been going through for the past few years, messes with more than just your bank account. After a while, it starts to impact on most areas of your life.

Job losses, I was made redundant and finding a new work has been difficult to say the least. We had a very good friend stay on our couch on and off for almost a year after losing a job. Thankfully she is now sorted and happy.

Inflation, we are paying an extra 5% on a lot of necessities like toilet paper, cleaning products and pet food due to the VAT rise. People have been giving up their pets because they just can not afford to take care of them anymore. How sad is that? It breaks my heart.

The other big casualty in a recession such as this one is relationships. I have been with my beloved for almost 5 years and I adore him but with everything that is going on economically it is difficult to have that lovin feeling. We both are working a lot, trying to carve out new ways to make money since our old ways are not working so well anymore.

We have done everything I wrote about in Credit Crunch Romance, the romantic dinners in but not the going to the pub much as we seem to spend most of our time in front of our computers. We have not made time for us to have a good time because, to tell the truth we are just too worried about money. The situation is taking a huge toll on our relationship.

We have decided that we need to take action, fast. Since I wrote See No Evil in Your InBox, I have not looked at a single Groupon type offer.  I would just delete them as soon as they arrived.  Now that our relationship has hit code red level, we have decided to make a concerted effort to see each other away from our flat and the computers.Yesterday, I opened a great value offer and bought it. We are going to start going out once a week.

It is so easy to loose what once made you happy when you are under constant stress. This recession has been oppressive, infringing on our lives in so many ways. I am hoping that we are able to save our relationship but if we let it go on the way it has been for much longer, I believe we would split up.  Make time for what is important for you and to you.

Goodness knows how much longer this recession will go on, it is exhausting and takes a toll but hopefully there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.


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