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Credit Crunch Romance

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How the Credit Crunch going to affect our relationships? How are we going to be romantic if we don’t have the money to go out to dinner or to the cinema?

Let’s get creative – some things are basic as in cooking at home instead of eating out. Any man would be happy to eat in and usually will not be super picky about your cooking skills, just happy that you made an effort. If you are cooking in; cover the TV so there will be no distractions such as ‘can we watch Match of the Day’. Candle light is less expensive and much more romantic than electricity. Keep the cooking simple for a romantic night there is no need for a three course gourmet meal. Do a main and a chocolately dessert. Start with a bottle of Cava, much less expensive than champagne but will still get you into a festive mood.

Since the weather is getting ready to turn autumnal, how about an indoor picnic? Lay down a blanket, put on the radio to a cheesy station and enjoy.

What other romantic activities can we do without spending a fortune? I like pubs that have board games. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon than by hanging out with your beloved and playing Scrabble? You drink less when playing a game as opposed to when you are just hanging out in the pub. Also if you drink wine, buy a bottle it is much more economical than by the glass.

When was the last time you visited a museum? Museums have free admission, what could be Leaner? It is also fun to find out what your significant other’s taste in art is. The Natural History or the Science museums are fun too.

Does anyone else have any good Credit Crunch Romance ideas? I mean besides going for a walk in the park.

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