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Coming Soon! The Stylish Frugalista


Aug 2, 2012 0 Comments

Here is  a preview of the cover of my new ebook, The Stylish Frugalista.  The cover was illustrated by the lovely Lizzie Owen.  Lizzie blogs at Mummy in Manolos. She is available for commissions and a dream to work with.

Necessary Sacrifice


Nov 24, 2011 0 Comments

Today is Thanksgiving, my favourite of all the holidays.  I like it even more than my birthday or Christmas. This Thanksgiving,  I am terrifically sad.  I have lost one of my oldest and dearest friends a few weeks ago and I am not able to go to the memorial service which is this weekend in [...]

A Little Break


Jun 8, 2010 0 Comments

Hello lovely readers – The Lean Times has gone on a little break.  We are holidaying and visiting family in the US of A in a NY State of mind.  Regular programming will resume next week with Menu Monday on the 14th of June. Have a Lean week.

The Kreativ Blogger Award


Sep 30, 2009 , , 3 Comments

The lovely Missy at Shoestring Alley nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  Thanks so much! The rules are: Thank the person who nominated you. Copy the logo to your blog (or at least into the acceptance post). Link to the person who nominated you. List 7 things about yourself people may find interesting. Make [...]