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Necessary Sacrifice

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Today is Thanksgiving, my favourite of all the holidays.  I like it even more than my birthday or Christmas.

This Thanksgiving,  I am terrifically sad.  I have lost one of my oldest and dearest friends a few weeks ago and I am not able to go to the memorial service which is this weekend in NY.

The problem is I have followed my head, financially, and now my heart is crumbling.  Right now is the first time since I was made redundant in July that I am getting enough freelance work to actually make some headway on my debt. If I did go to NY for the memorial and the holiday, I might have lost the freelance work and be in a much more desperate situation.

To be honest, I did not even have enough for the airfare until last week’s pay.  I know in my head that I need to clear my debts and build an emergency fund but that does not make my heart hurt any less.

I hope all you lovely readers will cherish their loved ones this holiday as you never know what is around the corner.  Please forgive me for my sentimentality.  Alice, there is a hole in my heart.  Thank you for being my friend for so many decades.  RIP.

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