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False Eyelashes and Carnivals

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feather false eyelashes

Are false eyelashes the new pick me up?

It is a well known fact that cosmetic sales go up in times of economic unrest. Lipstick sales in particular go up.  Buying a lipstick is a quick,  relatively inexpensive way to feel fashionable as well as making you feel like are treating yourself without spending a large amount.

So in this recession, I was expecting to see a lot of different coloured lipstick on the street but am amazed to find so many women wearing false eyelashes.  I have seen them at the bus stop in the morning on the way to work and at the supermarket on a Tuesday morning (the lady was not out from the night before if you were wondering).  I guess these women really need a pick me up.

I applaud their individuality and especially their patience in dealing with the fiddling things so early in the morning.

False eyelashes seem to be everywhere even the pop group Girls Aloud are putting their name to dorm Eylure styles with each band member having a different look.  If you want to see them here is a link.  Other companies that are making fabulous false eyelashes are the Japanese company Shu Uemura, who are featured in the photo and MAC has just launched a Hello Kitty version that is not for little girls.

What do you do for a quick pick me up?  I recently started wearing really red lipstick again which I find is a great mood lifter. I am tempted to try out false eyelashes but will probably not be sporting them in the morning at Tesco’s.


It is carnival time again, I am delighted to be included in the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights No. 3 – The Money Box Edition and the Festival of Frugality with my post on Debt and the Death of Relationships.  I was a bit overzealous and put it in two different festivals.  Note to self – no applying to carnivals after wine o’clock.

I have also been included in the Fabulous Festival with my post titled Make do and Mend.

These carnivals are chock full of great posts, please have a look, you might learn something.

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