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Mission Possible: Get a Budget the Freestylie Way

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Being a freelancer means it is even more important to know where every penny is going, when you are not sure where every penny is coming from.

A freelancer’s budget is slightly different than the budget of your average, work five days a week, person because you have to factor in sometimes having a work drought.  You also need a solid emergency fund and savings for tax time. I do little trick with myself to make myself think I have less then I actually do.

I round up on my expenses, as I have mentioned before, I love iXpenseIt, the app for tracking all your spending, when I put in data to my budget, I round up on the expenses.  All those pennies add up to my having a bit more left at the end of the month, which I send over to my savings account.

The best budgeting software or system I have found for me is an Excel file I found at the wonderful website, Finance for a Freelance Life.  It is not fancy but I find it perfect for my purposes. You can adjust it easily to your specific needs.   I love that it has Fixed Expenses and Variable Expenses sections.

Have any of you lovely readers found a better budget?  It is so important to get one that works for you.

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