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Mission Possible: Embrace the Frugal Life

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When you embrace the frugal life you need to keep your eyes on the prize.  The prize for me is to get married with as little or no debt as possible.  What could be better than starting a new life without the burden of debt?

I have embraced the frugal life and I must say in some ways I am finding life a bit easier since I have started my endeavour.  I plan my meals which means less waste of food, money and my rubbish bag is tiny. I actively participate in Org Junkie’s Menu Monday, which is keeping me on the straight and narrow as far as meal planning goes.  I also always check with the website Eat the Seasons before I hit the market as to know what will be the freshest and the best value.  Also when I began planning my meals I realized how often I cook the same foods which made me get down to the library to check out new cookery books.

I would love to grow my own vegetables but alas I only have a terrace that doesn’t get much sun but I am persevering in trying to grow at least something, so I am growing some herbs.  When it gets warmer I am planning to expand my window ledge herb garden to include rocket (arugula) and my favourite herb at the moment, tarragon. Do any of my lovely readers have any tips for growing tarragon?  I tried it last year but it was not very successful.

I found when you embrace the frugal lifestyle, you start looking at things differently.  Why buy tapenade when you can make it in 10 minutes?  Every time I cook a chicken, I make stock in my slow cooker, which means I don’t need salty stock cubes anymore.  There is such pride in making things yourself.

I still shop, but more aggressive look for bargains. Things like the new fabulous Chanel nail colour, Particulare, is almost a perfect match for the OPI one, called Over the Taupe, but the OPI one is a third less money. Now, I do a lot of deliberating before I buy anything, which means clothes, make up, magazines etc are all put under the how much do it really want it scrutiny.  I love Elle magazine so I have decided to get a subscription, I get to read Elle but at a huge discount.

How have you embraced the frugal life?  Has it changed your attitude to shopping? Going out? Has it made you more creative? What is your prize? Leave me a comment.

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