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Life savings could save your life


Apr 27, 2015 Debt , , 5 Comments

Things have been a  bit tough for me over here at Lean Times HQ. I have been hit with some quite large bills that come with some rather unpleasant badgering, if you are a regular reader you might remember that I was made redundant from my best paying freelance gig due to my employer losing his biggest client. [...]

No Cash Necessary


Jan 27, 2014 Money , , 0 Comments

In the times of a struggling economy where debt and unemployment continues to mount on shoulders everywhere, it becomes more about holding on to what you have than necessarily on generating income.  Survival of the fittest becomes survival of the solvent.  In an effort to part with as little cash as possible, an idea that [...]

eBay for Everyday


Oct 8, 2010 Frugality , , , , 2 Comments

Ages ago, I wrote the post eBay I Love you! and would you believe, the love is still going strong.  Most people think about eBay when they are looking for something special, like a specific antique plate that you need to replace or something second hand that you don’t want to pay full price.  I [...]