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The Lean Singleton Inhabits

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I live pretty much on my own and I like living with a couple of cats and a fiancé that pops in and out.  I enjoy having my own space but am not thrilled at paying extra for privilege.  When you are a Lean Singleton living on your own, you have to know how and where to get a discount.

In the UK, you get a 25% discount on Council Tax if you live alone, whoopee!  On the other hand, Thames Water, charges you a standard charge regardless if you are living alone or have five kids and the washing machine going 24/7.  I decided to complain and requested a water meter.  Unfortunately my flat can not have a water meter because of a shared boiler but they did offer to put me on a cheaper plan.  This cheaper plan is almost half of what I have been paying.  Why didn’t I know about this earlier?

I urge all my lovely readers to find out if they can get a better deal for their utilities. The great website, will help you to find the best deals for gas, electricity, broadband, etc.  I apologize to my US readers because as I recall you can not do much about changing suppliers except for the phone, internet and television service.

There are a few other ways I try to economize, I buy large packs of toilet paper when they are on sale even I have to hide the extra rolls in the kitchen.  I also run to the discount section of the supermarket every time I pass one to feed the freezer with quick food singleton luxury food.

Decorating my singleton flat has been made easier by the internet, I have gotten several items off Freecycle including a dresser and an iron.  Don’t let me forget Ebay, how much do I love Ebay over 50% of my furnishing were discovered on Ebay including a 1960’s teak dining table and chairs,a steel hospital trolley,  an Ercol daybed and a ponyskin, faux Barcelona chair. Boy do I adore Ebay.

How do you save on living your singleton life? Any and all tips will be greatly appreciated!

Carnival Time

I am very happy to have been included in Miss Thrifty’s Festival of Frugality 200: Fireworks Night for my post The Lean Singleton Eats.

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