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Back In The Saddle Again, Aka The Office Chair - The Lean Times


Apr 3, 2009 Work , , 2 Comments

I am a freelancer who has not had a lot of work over the past few months.  I must admit it was interesting for a few weeks, going out to coffee with friends that have babies, sleeping in until 9 and not having to dress up but it was getting old fast especially since I was tiring of being afraid to spend any money.  I am happily looking at an entire three weeks of straight work which will help my finances get slightly back on track.

I am a bit worried that my glee in getting some substantial work will tempt me into not being as frugal as I have been therefore I have written a list of Do’s and Don’t’s.

Do bring your lunch and a snack. A hungry worker is a grumpy worker that buys chocolate and crisps on a whim.

Do investigate the least expensive way to get to your job.

Do decide to put away a certain amount of your earnings to replenish any funds you have used in your time not working.

Do charge your mobile at work discretely. Remember every penny helps.

Do look at your clothes before you start so you can wash and mend anything that needs it.  It is also good to plan your wardrobe.

Don’t fall into the latte trap, Grazia magazine and chocolate trap when you think because you are working that you deserve treats.  If you need an afternoon pick me up then buy a multi pack of what you fancy at the supermarket and bring it in to work.  The same goes for sodas, and crisps.

Do remember that even though you have a few weeks work, it can possibly dry up again so be happy to be working and give it your all.  In my field, a lot of work is gotten by word of mouth so if you are a prepared and happy worker, you will get referred.


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