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All change! Back to work part one

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What a difference a few weeks makes! Just about four weeks ago I was called to do some temp work but I was so broke that I didn’t have the train fare to get there, now I have been offered a permanent job at a very cool place, doing cool stuff for cool people – who would have thunk it?

I am now faced with a totally different set of challenges. I am going from zero to eighty in 30 seconds as in I was underemployed ie barely working and now I am working a 45 our week with about an hour of travel at each end. When I wasn’t working a full week, it was easy to keep on top of things like shopping, cooking and cleaning.

I am going to need to become a lean, mean organizational machine. The first thing my beloved and I noticed that coming home late does not work well with cooking the evening meal. We have even taken the easy way out, by buying ready meals but they are too expensive and don’t really taste as good as something we cooked.

My first task in becoming a super organized person is to sort out our dinners. This weekend, I will dip my hand into batch preparation. Watch this space for the out come. Do any of you lovely readers have favourite batch recipes besides the usual chilli and bolognese sauce?

In the All change series – I will cover building a capsule wardrobe, time versus money, bulk cooking and anything thing else that comes to mind when you are going back to work after a long time of working from home.

Is there anything you would like me to cover in this series? I am happy to add any topic that I might have forgotten.


6 thoughts on “All change! Back to work part one”

  1. Do you have a slow cooker/crockpot? It’ll cook your dinner while you’re at work and you can come home to a hot meal.

  2. Yes, I have and love my slow cooker. This weekend I made a big batch of chicken stock. It will definitely be in use big time.

  3. Hi Viviana! Same dilemma. I get home between 7-8pm when the idea of cooking anything just doesn’t appeal, so I prep at the weekends for the week ahead.

    My freezer contains –

    – Tubs of chopped veg (great for roasting, stir fry etc)
    – Chinese chicken and vegetables or sweet and sour chicken – Great quick fix to have with noodles
    – Ragu
    – Curry
    – Cookie dough balls – Great fresh out the oven with some vanilla ice cream for a treat 😉

    Your stock will be great for soups you could fix a batch at the weekend and have a few tubs in the fridge to eat during the week.

    Congrats on the job! 🙂 xx

  4. Thanks Rachael! Don’t you just hate getting in so late? I feel like I am always on the turnaround.
    I love your cookie dough idea and the tubs of veg. I will be happy when the big push to prep and freeze is over then I will only need to be replenishing.

  5. I know takes a bit of time to get used to it!

    I think I do my freezer prep every 2-3 weeks on a Sunday (try and plan it when you know the weather is awful) but it is so satisfying when it’s done!

    The cookies are a god send when you have had a stressful day! I live with 2 flatmates…so naturally they don’t last very long! haha

  6. Every 2-3 weeks sounds about right – I base my batch cooking on what deals I find in the market. I might jump on your cookie idea as my beloved loves a pudding.

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