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What would you give up?

Cut up credit cards

Last weekend there was an article in The Times asking fashionistas what they will be giving up in the Credit Crunch. The item that came up on the list was the £800 It Bag. How many of us, Leaners, have bought an £800 It bag EVER?

This has lead me to think about what items warrant the big money. I know we are all being lean and watching our pennies but we still need to look good. I believe there are things that we should not skimp on and can still be a bit lean.

The first essential thing on my list is skincare. You must take care of your skin everyday regardless of the Credit Crunch since you only have one face. You don’t have to be extravagant. I buy my favourite cream on Ebay at a savings of up to 30% under the retail price. There are good skin creams at various price ranges but you generally get what you pay for so do your research. To do my research before I buy any beauty product I visit Makeup Alley. This is a brilliant website that you need to join to view, but after you join, you get a wealth of reviews and comments by regular people. You can even breakdown the product reviews by your skin type and your age group so you are reading reviews that will pertain to you.

My next essential is good hair. We wear our hair everyday just like our face so we need to take care of it. I don’t mean having a blow dry every other day but if you need a blow dry, you should learn how to give yourself one. So watch your stylist do their job and try to do it yourself.

Look out the next installment about what to spend it on, next Thursday.

1 thought on “What would you give up?”

  1. I dunno though – I have great skin and never used creams and stuff. good skin can come from genes or diet is a pretty good way of getting it better. And exercise. I agree with the hair thing though. a good cut / colour etc. i did hear that cheap shampoo is fine, but you should spend on the conditioner. although the main ingredient of all of the conditioners is the same stuff they put in fabric conditioner.

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