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Spring is a comin’

spring flowers

Ok, it is not really spring yet but there are definite hints of it here in London. For instance the snowdrops and crocuses are popping up and it is around 10ºC (50ºF), which makes me have thoughts of spring, and with thoughts of spring comes the horror of my winter skin and nails.

Since we are deep into a recession, watching our pennies with an eagle eye, out the window goes the idea of professional beauty treatments so I began to research do it yourself treatments.

I biggest winter complaint is dull, grey skin so I did some research on do it yourself facials – I came across this very helpful site Spa Beautifully, which gives step by step directions on how to give yourself a home facial. The only thing they don’t specify is what mask to use, which is how I came to find the About.Com site. It gives lots of recipes to make your own mask to suit your skin.  Please don’t try to do your our extractions unless you absolutely know what you are doing because you can cause scarring and bruise your skin.

Time when you do your facial since they can bring out the impurities in your skin so don’t do anything to your skin the night before a big event or meeting.  Do it a few days before so your skin has a chance to calm down.

Happy skin for spring.

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