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Get Out Your Best

Do you remember back to when you were young and you were only allowed to wear your best clothes to go to church or to visit relatives?  I can hear my grandmother saying that certain dishes, glasses or even dresses were only for special occasions. Many people grow up worrying that they might ruin something by using it.  Well folks, life is just too short for that kind of thinking.

If we are raised to believe that certain items whether it be crystal glasses or a gorgeous cashmere sweater are to be utilized only for a special event, we end up keeping all the good stuff locked up in cupboards. Recently, I found in the deep recesses of my closet shoes that I was keeping for that special event or date. Which made me think how silly I was, not enjoying them just for me.

In my semi-uphill struggle to be frugal, I have realized that life is to be lived, food to be enjoyed and good wine to be relished.  Being frugal does not mean being miserable and keeping a stiff upper lip while living on baked beans.

I think I am enjoying some things even more since my frugal journey began almost two years ago. When you are watching your pennies buying something frivolous for yourself like flowers takes on a special meaning, that you are worth it.  We all deserve to feel special once in a while and if we wait for that rare special occasion, we can be waiting a long time.

Even while I am paying off debt and saving for my future, I am determined to live in the present because without any warning your present could be gone.  I have decided that even though I am very enthusiastic about my finances, I am going to enjoy life and if that means wearing my fancy shoes and buying flowers once in a while so be it.

1 thought on “Get Out Your Best”

  1. Hello! Great philosophy! Makes life much more satisfying and fun. Along with de-cluttering, paring down to only the things you need and that you enjoy using adds real joy to life.

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