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Fashion Mistakes, I have made a few…

acid wash denim jacket with fringe

Yes we have all bought things that don’t really suit us. After a bit of spring cleaning of my closet, I noticed a few items way in the back, that have never actually been on my back or my feet for that matter.

Keeping my fashion errors just makes me angry at myself for spending on items that I will probably never wear. When I am visiting my family in New York is when I seem to make the most mistakes. I blame it on the stylish seduction of Sex and the City and designer discount stores. I should know I am more of a punk at heart than a girlie girl.

I will be writing another post about finding your own style but if you need a place to start then look at my post entitled Personal Style. It will help you with a starting point to finding your most stylish self.

Once identified, the sartorial mistakes must go, but where? I have put some designer items on Ebay with some success, even though you will never get back what you originally paid. Unless perhaps it is so old that it looks new again to a younger audience then it really has been in the back of your closet for too long.

Another way I am going to experiment with is Swishing, which is an organised swapping party. Swishing is the brain child of Lucy Shea, who believes that we should be swapping instead of buying new to help the planet. I am going to one of Lucy’s events this week and will report back. I have also discovered the website, Posh-Swaps which seems to me a bit like Ebay but with set prices. Have you ever used Posh Swaps? How did you find it?

Another way to get rid of your fashion mistakes is to give them away to your friends but in these tough times it is nice to get something back. So hold a fashion swapping party. All you need is some fashionable friends with unwanted stuff and a few bottles of wine.

Do you have any other ways to get rid of your fashion mistakes?

By the way that is NOT me in the photo!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Mistakes, I have made a few…”

  1. I get rid of things by selling them or if they are not going to be worth my while to ebay, I give them to charity and try and forget about the money I wasted. Hopefully that will get less and less as time goes by!

    I have not tried Swishing yet either- I will be very interested to hear how it goes. It is something I might be willing to try with girlfriends.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I am attending an Accessory Swish on Friday, I will report back. I polled the ladies in my sewing class last night, we thought that Swishing accessories probably works best as there is no sizing issues as with clothes.
    Watch this space for the update.

  3. Good idea re accessories. I was pondering how it would REALLY work with my friends and this sounds like it would better than clothes.

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