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Oct 13, 2013 Style , , , , , , , 6 Comments

It is getting chilly here in old London town so it is time to take out the heavier clothes, tights, socks and sweaters.

What is the easiest way to get in a bad mood first thing in the morning?  No, it is not being out of milk but not being able to find a pair of unladdered or pulled tights. So before the chill really kicks in and I have to cover my tootsies properly, I have a few little tasks to perform.

1. The departing season’s stuff – make sure everything is washed and in good shape.  You don’t know if you will be asked on a last minute trip to the Caribbean and will need your things looking their best. This is especially important when going from winter to spring as moths LOVE unwashed cashmere and wool.

2. Get the hosiery in shape – go through all your tights and throw out any that are not up to scratch.  There will be no laddered or bobbled tights in your drawer.  Go through your socks – mend, yes I said mend any socks that have holes.  Mending or darning is very easy to do. Do you think sock grow on trees?

3. Vests and t-shirts – I can’t bear grey or yellowed whites.  Be brutal and decide what can be saved then give the rest to your favourite charity shop.

4. Inspect all woollens – sweaters, cardigans, jackets, blazers, skirts, trousers etc to make sure the dreaded moths have not been feasting on you precious cashmere. If you find any evidence dry clean immediately and take anything with holes to the invisible mender.

5. Now you should have an idea of what you own that is still in reasonable condition and what needs to be replaced.  Before running out to the shops, make sure you make a list.   My shopping 1st Commandment, MAKE A LIST.

Are you looking for classic items like a black polo (turtle) neck, if so them it might be a better value to buy a more expensive one so it will look better for longer.  I must stress if you are going to buy better quality, higher end pieces you must be dedicated to taking care of them. I have always found that buying better cashmere and fine Merino wool, the garment will have a much longer life and no piling.  We all love a Uniglo inexpensive cashmere sweater but they are not made to last more than one season before they start bobbling and losing their shape.  This to me is not a sound fashion investment.


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