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Bye Bye Birkenstocks, Hello Boots

I love my Birkenstock sandals, they are comfortable yet a bit stylishly acceptable because they are black patent but alas it is now October so I must relegate them to the cupboard and start planning my autumn/winter wardrobe.

The place I go shopping, before I even step out the door, is in my own closet.  This season is bringing back structure and tailoring so out come my old jackets.  A lot of people say if you have not worn something in a year you should get rid of it, I do not agree because sometimes it is just not the right time, fashion wise to wear a garment.  It is a different story if an item doesn’t fit or the colour is bad on you then by all means get rid of it.

The other big thing that makes you look like you are up on what is on trend is colour.  This season along with the essential black, there is lots of purple, bottle green and dark blue. I like to keep my patterns very simple, as in almost non existent.  You can wear the same solid colour skirt a couple of days in a week but if that skirt has a pattern then people will notice you are repeating yourself.  I use patterns when I accessorize in a scarf or if you have good legs get some patterned tights – a huge trend this autumn. Have a look at the Chanel show on

The other Lean way to update your look is with make up. Autumn/Winter 2009 brings some new colours that have never really been make up colours such as grey, navy and dark purple nail polish and on the less goth more glam side,  it is a red lipstick season.

I bought some dark grey nail polish and added it to my 20 year old black suit jacket mixed with one of my regularly worn dresses et voilà, it looks like I have been doing a lot of shopping.

Before you run out to the shops to update yourself for this autumn, go for a rummage in your own closet, but what if you have tried the minimalist thing and purged?  Hit charity shops in well off neighborhoods.  The structured jacket of this season is not far off the ones of the 1980’s; hunt for strong shoulders, good fabrics and dark colours.

Have you found any gems in the back of your closet?

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Birkenstocks, Hello Boots”

  1. I have a tweed coat that seems to work well every year. I also have a pinstripe (dark navy and fine white, but wide pinstripe) suit and the trousers / jacket work really well with lots of looks, usually separately though. nail varnish is a brilliant way to update a look – thanks for the tip I love it. My latest top tip is to get the Dylon out. I have been dyeing things black and french navy. Voila. new stuff. Brilliant.

  2. My sister re-dyes black clothes black regularly and it works a treat, extending the lifespan of a t shirt three-fold. She uses stuff you just hurl in the washing machine. No fuss and no mess.

  3. Thanks for commenting. I totally forgot about dying clothes until the last comment. I think I know what I will be doing over the weekend.

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