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The new way of shopping

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I seem to have changed the way I shop in recent months. I now do my best to avoid the big supermarkets and hit my local market for fruit and vegetables, which I have been doing  for ages but the new must hit shop is Poundland.

I am finding myself buying quite a bit in Poundland.  From papertowels to Oreo cookies to cat toys. The everything for a pound stores seem to have changed the way we shop in this recession.

I regularly visit Poundland and have recently discoverd Pound World which seems to have an even bigger variety of merchandise. I am wondering if there will be a Pound Universe shop with anything and everything you could ever need.

Before running out the door to check out your local pound emporium, you must know your prices. Many times you will think you are getting a deal and find the same item in Tesco for 86p. There are some items that I regularly buy and know are cheaper than in a supermarket. Here is my list: paper towels, jiffy bags/envelopes, rubber gloves, Vimto (I am addicted), sweets and biscuits.

I am not convinced by the new fresh food section as I find it more expensive than my Tesco Local. Milk seems a good value but we always drink organic.  The Cheddar cheese and beef mince were definitely more expensive than Tesco. I am a bit of a nut that I checked out Poundland first then hit Tesco and if the items were cheaper in Poundland, I was prepared to lug myself and my shopping back to save a bit of money.

With inflation on the rise, I think we are going to have to spend more time and energy looking for the best deals. My shopping routine is getting more and more complicated; I check MySupermarket when I need a big shop to be delivered and I have also put Morrision’s in the mix. I wish they were part of MySupermarket because they really have some great deals. I found my favourite shampoo for £2.85 when Boots is selling it for £5.50, a huge savings.

I still buy most of my meat and eggs from my local butcher, almost all my fresh produce from the market but I shop around for the rest of my shopping needs. Have you noticed that your shopping routine has changed? Are you prepared to spend more time to save some pennies?


2 thoughts on “The new way of shopping”

  1. yes, I too have changed the way I shop since I left work last year. I’m shopping much more often now I have the time and that means that I too shop around. One thing I have been doing that I’ve never done before is having a shopping list, which takes the form of a post-it stuck to the inside of one of my kitchen cupboards. As I run out of something, or it’s running low, I write it on the post-it – or, if I need a specific ingredient for a recipe, I write it on as soon as I think of it. I only get the things on my list, unless I see an absolute bargain or special offer, plus nothing gets forgotten. By the way, you’ve omitted Lidl!

  2. Hi Anna, I like your Post-it idea. The reason I omitted Lidl is that I only go there about once a month. It is not one of my regular local stops. Thanks for commenting!

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