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Thank Goodness I Am A Hoarder - The Lean Times


Sep 8, 2014 Shopping , , , , , 4 Comments

I must confess I am unable to pass up a bargain. This trait in me does not make me popular when at airports as I can’t resist the Duty Free section.  Every time I go to visit my family in the States I stock up on anything that is cheaper over there.

Now that the Credit Crisis has truly hit me, I am very happy to have been gathering and hoarding. I have a bag of my ‘necessities’ tucked away in the back of my closet.  The things I have been gathering are the things that I feel I cannot skimp on  – mascara, deodorant, perfume, Tampax (much cheaper in the US), lipstick and t-shirts from the Gap outlet.  My favourite place to visit when I am in the States is Costco, the warehouse store.  If you ever get a chance to go to Costco, you will be amazed at the oversized bargains but make sure you have a big enough suitcase and watch the weight for the flight back.

The other things, I always need to have in my house are basics – pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, toilet paper, cat food, good white wine etc. when ever these go on special offer I buy as much as my budget allows since I know I will always need them.

My new favourite hoarding activity is at 6pm I will pop into Waitrose, follow the person that is doing the markdowns and pick up fabulous food bargains as they are labelling them.  This is a great way to bring a bit of luxury into my (at the moment) slightly dull life.

What are the things that you cannot live without?  Do you have any tricks to make your life more fun without adding expense? What do you hoard for a rainy day?


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