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Stock Piling Or Hoarding? The Ugly Truth - The Lean Times


Jul 9, 2014 Shopping , , , , 10 Comments

There has been so much talk about food prices rising, supermarkets gouging the consumer and possible shortages due to the extreme weather around the world, I have found myself starting to hoard food.  I first noticed myself doing this when after noticing prices going up at a vast rate.

My regular readers know that I love Lidl and make a trip there weekly.  About a month ago, I noticed 10p rises on two of the items I purchase regularly, rocket and goats cheese. Okay, so 10p is not that much but if you multiply it against ten items that is £2, not really that small a sum.  This immediately made me nervous, was my food budget going to go to hell in a handbasket?

I then read that because the Chinese have adapted a more Western diet (hello MacDonalds)  that the price of beef and wheat could go up quite sharply. The other factor in wheat’s price rise is apparently the wheat stocks in Russia are dwindling.

All this gloom and doom put me in slight panic mode.  I found myself adding extra ground beef and pasta to my usual Tesco delivery when it was on special offer.  Now I have a lot of beef in the freezer and pasta in the cupboard so I think we may be eating pasta Bolognese more than once in a while.

I must say I feel more secure when I have full cupboards.  I love it that I can whip up a meal without having to hit the shops.  I know these unplanned off the hoof meals most likely will not have a lot of fresh vegetables but they are still pretty good.  There is so much you can make with a can of tomatoes, pasta, maybe  some  type of bean.

I am getting a bit concerned that I am taking this stocking up to the extreme.  It can be embaressing when you open a cupboard and bags of fusilli fall out. I also stock up on more than just food, I grab quantities of toilet paper and shampoo when they are on sale.  My thinking is they are two things that you will always need and it is better to have a bargain then to miss a bargain.

Have you been reacting to increasing inflation by purchasing more than usual? Are you buying specific items, just in case?  Please leave me a comment, it would make me feel better not to be the only paranoid consumer.



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